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Sherwood, AR Lawn Care Services

Enhance your lawn's overall health and appearance with our top-quality lawn care services.

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We offer lawn care services to homes and businesses in Sherwood, AR.

We work to ensure your grass is growing robust and vibrant with our lawn care services.

Located just north of Little Rock, the city of Sherwood, AR offers small-town charm and big-city perks because of its accessibility to the state capital, Little Rock. This city is also home to Lake Cherrywood Park, where you can unwind and spend some time with nature. During the holidays, the Enchanted Forest Trail of Lights is a famous attraction in Sherwood!

Our team at Natural State Horticare is happy to help the homeowners and business owners in Sherwood maintain their curb appeal by keeping their lawns lush and green with our lawn care services. We strive to keep your grass robust and vibrant by providing it with all the tools it needs to thrive. Additionally, we offer tree and shrub care services and landscape bed weed control.

We offer lawn care programs, lawn disease control, lime treatments, organic compost treatments, and more.

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Our company offers 2 lawn care programs: the Natural State Lawn Program and Essentials Lawn Program. Our Natural State Lawn Program involves 9 treatments from February to October, providing a holistic and organic approach to strengthening your lawn. Our Essentials Lawn Program consists of six treatments of lawn fertilizers and weed control treatments every year.

To keep your grass in Sherwood robust year-round, it's best to keep diseases and pests out of the picture. Luckily, we offer a highly-effective lawn disease control service that targets common fungi and diseases like rust, dollar spot, large patch, and fairy ring. Our lawn pest control involves a single treatment that provides long-lasting protection against grubs, billbugs, spittlebugs, armyworms, and Tuttle mealybugs. We also offer a fire ant control service. Our treatments will deter ants from residing on your property and kill existing ant mounds within 6 weeks!

At Natural State Horticare, we pride ourselves in providing services that ensure your soil is optimal to support healthy grass growth. Our core aeration service addresses soil compaction and opens the channels for nutrients, water, air, and sunlight to reach the roots of your grass. We also provide lime treatments to restore a balanced soil pH and improve your lawn's nutrient uptake. Our team can also ensure the soil provides vital nutrients for your grass with our organic compost treatments. This service will replenish nutrients in the soil and give your grass the boost it needs to thrive.

We offer irrigation services like repairs, startups, winterization, and optimization to keep your irrigation system perfectly running.

Let Our Team Look After Your Trees, Shrubs, & Landscape Plants

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Improving your curb appeal means taking care of your trees and shrubs so they can flourish. At Natural State Horticare, we offer 2 tree and shrub care programs so you can choose which is best suited for your plants' needs. Whether you choose our 7-treatment Natural State Ornamental Program or 5-step Ornamental Essentials Program, you can rest assured our team will look after your trees and shrubs and keep them in excellent health.

Your landscape beds also need to be maintained. Weeds taking over them can detract from your curb appeal, but we're here to ensure that does not happen with our landscape bed weed control service! With 5 treatments from January to September, we can ensure your landscape beds in Sherwood are free from invasive, unappealing weeds.

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Are you searching for a team to take care of your lawn? Look no further! Our professionals at Natural State Horticare provide exceptional lawn care services for commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Sherwood, AR. With 10 years of experience, we've understood the intricate needs of lawns in our area! More than that, we know how to meet these needs and ensure your lawn is nothing short of thriving. Call us today at (501) 681-3465 to get an estimate on any of our lawn care services.