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#1 Lawn Programs in Little Rock, North Little Rock,
Sherwood, & Nearby Areas of AR

Our lawn programs keep your property's grass healthy and vibrant.

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Lawn Programs in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, AR & Nearby Cities

Our lawn programs take an organic approach to the health of your residential or commercial property.

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Both of our lawn care programs supply your grass with organic-first options designed to build your soil's health so it is able to grow plants with amazing results. We treat your soil instead of just supplying synthetics to make your grass grow.

We offer two separate lawn programs to properties in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, AR and nearby areas. Our Natural State Lawn Program is our most popular program. This program infuses your lawn monthly with vital nutrients and weed control treatments starting in February and running through October to give your lawn what it needs to thrive throughout the year. Our Essentials Lawn Program has the same goals of building great soil able to sustain incredible plant growth and ward off disease or pests. However, this program includes 3 fewer treatments throughout the year.

The Natural State Lawn Program

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The Natural State Lawn Program is by far our most popular lawn care service. This program invigorates your lawn with nine scheduled treatments throughout the year. Our organic approach to lawn health seeks to create healthy soil instead of simply supplementing nutrients to the grass. The end result is soil that is better suited to retain the nutrients your grass needs to thrive. Your lawn is treated with our combination of weed control treatments, slow-release nutrients to promote growth and greening, and liquid organics to enhance your grass and its root system. These nine monthly treatments over the course of the growing season are recommended to achieve the proper balance of soil-focused organics, fertilizers, and weed control with a minimal amount of synthetics.

Treatments for this program begin in February and run once a month through October. Here are the nine steps in our natural state lawn program:

  • February: The year starts with a spring/summer pre-emergent weed control application using the most advanced and safest product available.
  • March: This application will feed your lawn with a steady supply of nitrogen over the next 16-18 weeks, utilizing an advanced slow-release granular product. This advanced fertilizer is not the standard poly-coated slow-release. Its release rate is not affected by the amount of rainfall or irrigation. Instead, it is released through mineralization in the soil by microbial life.
  • April: This application utilizes a liquid organic bio-stimulant and addresses plant, root, and microbial needs. This product contains over thirty raw materials, including three forms of soil penetrants, humic and fulvic acid, North Atlantic kelp extract, fish meal, complex carbohydrates, trace minerals, phosphoric acid, potassium, magnesium, and a vitamin complex.
  • May: We administer a granular application of slow-release fertilizer. The standard fillers used in most fertilizers have been replaced with black gypsum, which delivers calcium and sulfur. Also, unlike most products, the release is controlled by an organic humic coating to improve the soil while supplying the nitrogen your lawn needs for the upcoming summer months.
  • June & July: These applications utilize the same amazing liquid organic bio-stimulant and trace minerals that were applied in April. These treatments build soil and reduce the stress of summer heat.
  • August: This application utilizes the same amazing granular product used in May to sustain your grass during the peak growing season.
  • September: After months of summer, it’s time to prepare for the fall and winter months by applying another advanced pre-emergent. Just as the February pre-emergent prevents the germination of spring and summer weeds, this application will prevent weeds that germinate in the fall and winter conditions.
  • October: To round out the season, we finish by applying a liquid organic bio-stimulant. These treatments build soil and help the grass prepare for the stresses of winter.

Our Natural State Lawn Program offers an 80% reduction in chemical use compared to other traditional lawn care programs.

The Essentials Lawn Program

The Essentials Lawn Program uses many of the same components to build up your lawn, except it uses only six treatments annually, consisting of four fertilization applications and two pre-emergent weed control treatments. During this program, our crew will visit your property in February, March, May, July, August, and September.

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Our lawn programs are tailored to your turf's needs and our experts understand the unique requirements of each type of grass. When you sign up for our Natural State Lawn Program or our Essentials Lawn Program, you can be sure your lawn will get all the nutrients and care it needs to thrive throughout the year. If you property is located in Little Rock, AR, or in a nearby area such as North Little Rock or Sherwood, call us today at (501) 681-3465 to sign up for one of our lawn programs!