Our Guarantee!

We offer a completely unique approach to fertilization and we know change can be unsettling. That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are confident our premium organic products can match or exceed any traditional fertilization program on the market.

A Better Way to Green

We believe achieving better results with fewer chemicals is possible by focusing on organics first and intervening with synthetics when necessary. Our "Organics First" approach minimizes runoff, exposure to harmful chemicals, and negative impacts on beneficial organisms. It also turns out to be a better way to grow plants and get amazing results. 


We don't want to satisfy our clients, we want to delight them. Our goal is to help you succeed while exceeding your expectations. For every decision, we ask ourselves: "What is the best possible solution for the client?" "Does that solution match the client's needs and expectations?" "Did I communicate in the most professional and respectful way possible?"

Does delighting our clients mean being cheap? No, in our experience charging a little more allows us to serve our clients in the most ideal way. There is undoubtedly a market for providing the lowest cost possible. However, our decisions rarely have to do with cost. We focus on delivering the best results using the safest products.


Knowledge & Communication

We communicate clearly through expertise on how our services can solve our clients' problems and let them make an educated decision. We're not selling used cars. Nobody likes an aggressive salesperson, being up-sold unnecessarily, or intrusive solicitation. We don't practice typical sales techniques because we aren't targeting the typical client. We make sales through education. It's not only a more effective sales technique, but it leads to happier clients.

Communication and sharing our knowledge and expertise is a large part of what sets us apart. Knowledge as a core principle replaces the need for sales volume with quality long term clients.



One of our strengths is our non-traditional entry into the lawn care market. Our horticultural background is in organic farming and golf courses unlike most of our competitors who branched off from existing big-name companies. Our outsider background allows us to have a fresh perspective and drive innovation.

Being the absolute best lawn care company is a moving target and requires constant innovation and always asking ourselves, "How can we be better?" Every year new studies are done and more advanced products are developed. We will never stop our mission to bring you the very best this industry has to offer.

We are committed to innovation and the implementation of the most advanced products, processes, and equipment to keep everyone safe, reduce our environmental impact, and provide killer results. Oftentimes larger companies are optimized for success in one business model but are ill equipt to adapt and innovate. In some industries, this merely leads to a boring product but in the green industry, it means the use of outdated products and processes. Which in turn means excessive inefficient fertilizer wasted on poor soil and increased exposure to harmful chemicals.

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