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Asked Questions About Organic-Based Lawn Care

Get answers to some of the most common questions about organic-based lawn care services in your area.

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Can you control the weeds in my yard?

Yes, all of our lawn programs include pre and post-emergent weed control. That being said, we go the extra mile to make sure synthetic weed control products are kept to a minimum. We only use the absolute safest and most advanced products available. Unlike most of our competitors, we never mix broad-spectrum herbicides in the tank with our fertilizer. If we are using post-emergent herbicide, it is spot applied via backpack and marked with a blue dye. The only other herbicide used is a highly advanced pre-emergent. This is the only herbicide sprayed over the entire lawn and is only done twice per year regardless of program. We chose this product specifically for its low rate of the active ingredient and its superior effectiveness. Its exceptional efficacy keeps all other herbicide use during the season to an absolute minimum, meaning most of the year you are weed-free and safe.

Can your organic products achieve premium results?

Yes, organics combined with a small number of macronutrients (NP&K) will produce superior results to traditional fertilization programs.

Myth Busting: You may think being on a traditional fertilization program for years would mean your soil must be healthy. Wrong, synthetic fertilizers hide their many shortcomings behind temporary flushes of growth and color caused by the release of nitrogen. While the grass may appear healthy, the benefits are only "skin deep." The truth is traditional fertilization does nothing to improve the soil. These shortcomings lead to a build-up of salts and hydrogen and exhaust the soil of available carbon leading to diminishing returns and negative side effects like runoff.

The Bottom Line: Using organics allows us to address the full scope of plant health. Why pay full price for a company only providing 50% of the solution? Healthy soil means you get the most out of every application.

We focus on organically developing the soil while strategically using a minimal amount of synthetics to achieve results not possible otherwise. Research is the key, not to demonize or lump all synthetic products into the same "evil" category. Not all chemicals are created equal and some select non-organic products do have a place in horticare.

Are your products safe to use around children and pets?

That depends on the treatment being applied but for the most part, Yes. Our Organic products are made from natural ingredients that are non-toxic. There is no restriction on re-entry time after an organic application. Your children and pets can go on the lawn immediately after the treatment is done.

For non-organic treatments, emails are sent out before the application letting you know the details of that application such as suggested re-entry times, signal words used on the product's label, and more.

Do your lawn programs cover everything, or are there additional services that may be required?

The lawn programs should be considered a "Foundation" for the care of your lawn. The lawn programs are designed to provide your lawn with the weed control and fertilizer any lawn would need to look its best. However, the programs are not designed to cover every possible issue that currently exists or may arise over time such as prior weed infestation, fungus, pests, etc. There are also additional services that we highly recommend to achieve optimal lawn performance such as lime, aeration, fungal/pest prevention, and our Organic Superfood Jumpstart.

Can using organics really reduce how much I need to water?

Over time you will see a significant reduction in the amount of water needed to keep your lawn green.

Two reasons you will be able to reduce irrigation:

1. Our organic fertilizers develop soil and encourage vigorous root systems up to 12 inches deep. Deeper roots mean the grass can pull moisture from cool, moist soil further from the surface.

2. Using organics means improving soil structure by replacing compact silicates and clay with carbon-rich organic matter. This improved soil is more porous and absorbs water like a sponge.

Does it take longer to see results from organic products than from traditional fertilizer?

No, our programs are designed to deliver high-quality results right away. Also, unlike conventional fertilization, our products and methods produce cumulative and compounding results; meaning your lawn will look better and better every season on our programs. This is due to the process of soil development that is the focus of all our programs.

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