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Grub worms found in lawn soil near North Little Rock, AR.

Top Lawn Pest Control in Little Rock, North Little Rock,
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Our lawn pest control treatment will protect your lawn from grubs, armyworms, billbugs, and more.

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We offer our lawn pest control service to homes and businesses in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, AR and nearby areas.

Our treatment provides a long-lasting effect to keep damage-causing lawn pests away from your turf.

Armyworms crawling out of a yard onto a porch near Little Rock, AR.

Dealing with pests on your lawn can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Our team is here to save the day with our lawn pest control service! We deal with pests by applying a one-time treatment in April that provides a long-lasting effect all season! This gives you peace of mind knowing your grass is safe from pests like grubs, armyworms, billbugs, and more.

The product we apply on your lawn only affects damage-causing pests and leaves beneficial insects like honeybees unharmed. We offer our lawn pest control service to homes and businesses in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, AR and nearby areas.

When will we treat your property?

When dealing with pests on your property, it's always best to act early. Otherwise, pests can easily damage your grass. Our team offers lawn pest control services that will provide early and complete protection on your yard! We provide one application in April, and that's enough to last the whole season! Our crew recommends that you book our treatment early so you can rest assured knowing your lawn is safe from pests for the entire season.

Our Lawn Pest Control Targets Grubs, Armyworms, Spittlebugs, & More

Spittlebug damage to a lawn in Benton, AR.

The treatments we use at Natural State Horticare targets a wide range of damaging lawn pests that feed on grass blades and roots. If your lawn gets severely injured, it can take a lot of time and work to help it recover!

The product that we use doesn't just stay in the soil, it moves through the grass, targeting insects that feed on roots and leaves. It does not kill the pests but harms their chewing or sucking mouthparts to prevent them from feeding on your turf.

These are the lawn pests that we target:

  • Grubs: These root-feeding pests will leave your lawn weak and unattached to the soil. Our lawn pest control acts as a preventative treatment against grubs, so you don't have to deal with the headache they can cause.
  • Armyworms: Armyworms start feeding in the fall. They eat the top portion of grass blades, and they do it quickly! When they are all done, the damage can be severe.
  • Spittlebugs: These black and red insects suck the fluid out of grass blades, resulting in yellowish grass that eventually dies.
  • Tuttle Mealybug: Tuttle mealybugs feed on plant fluid that is vital for photosynthesis. Because of this, your lawn becomes yellow before eventually dying.

We also offer curative treatments if you forgot to schedule our preventative lawn pest control treatment.

Our product is EPA-registered and safe for non-targeted organisms.

At Natural State Horticare, we make sure we only target damage-causing pests in your lawn. The product we use is registered under the Reduced-Risk Program by the EPA. This means the product is safe to use in your lawn without affecting non-targeted and beneficial insects such as earthworms and honeybees. The EPA requires harmful products to have signal words like Caution or Danger in their label, and the absence of these words on our product means it is as safe as it can be.

Protect your lawn today. Call us to sign up for our lawn pest control service!

Our lawn pest control service involves one application that will provide enough protection for your lawn to last the whole season. If you want to protect your lawn from damage-causing pests like grubs and billbugs, our team is ready to help. We provide our lawn pest control service to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, AR, and nearby areas. Call (501) 681-3465 today to book our services!