Fire Ant Control


Season Long Granular Application

Unlimited Spot Mount Treatments As Necessary

Chances are if you have lived in the Central Arkansas area very long, you have experienced a fire ant sting. A single sting is painful and leaves an itchy whelp that lasts for weeks, but step directly into a mound and things can get very serious, very fast. The last thing you want is to be enjoying your beautiful lawn only to realize you stepped in a mound and your shoe is now full of fire ants. Worse yet, your pet or child could be the victim.
Being in the lawn care industry as long as we have, we have a personal understanding of the dangers associated with these aggressive pests having stepped in a few mounds ourselves. That is why we have implemented a top of the line defense against these lawn invaders. Unfortunately, it is not organic, but we put a lot of care into selecting the most effective products without compromising safety.