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The program consists of Monthly Sprays of 85% modified Cedar Oil. This treatment provides a pheromone interruption that impairs the insect’s brain. Not only will it control the adult stage but will also control the eggs and larvae stages.

Re-claim your yard back this season and go GREEN against EEE, West Nile, and Lyme disease carrying insects? For every 1 insect you see, there are 99 more just waiting to develop.

  • Minimum Risk Pesticide, EPA Classified
  • Immediate insect control
  • Safe for all beneficial Insects like Bees and Lady bugs
  • Safe For Children and Pets

The Benefits of Organic Insect Control

It is possible to control pests with non-toxic solutions and keep your lawn looking green and healthier than ever. Harsh, traditional chemicals are expensive, and actually do very little to benefit your lawn or garden’s important bio-stasis and biodiversity. Learning how to make use of your lawn or garden’s natural food chain and mini ecosystem will carry a lot of weight for pest control. You can then make up the difference with organic applications that will discourage pests and deter them from hanging around your garden.

Harsh chemicals aren’t good for ladybugs or any of the friendly bugs and life forms that make for a nice, flourishing lawn or garden. Killing everything in sight is just not the answer, not to mention that it’s plain unnatural! The benefits of organic anti-tick flea and mosquito control include:

  • A much healthier, naturally flourishing lawn and garden
  • Helps hold your home or business’ value
  • Saves you money—harsh chemicals are expensive!
  • Lawns and gardens need fewer treatments—more money saved
  • The good feeling of an eco-friendly lawn—help the environment!

Creating a Pet-Friendly Environment

The benefits of organic insect control also include creating a very pet-friendly environment where your family, pets included, aren’t itching all the time. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes propagate from standing water, so controlling areas of standing pools of water (other than birdbaths, swimming pools, etc) will also help discourage these pests naturally. They can ravish gardens and lawns. Ticks, in particular, can be a particular detriment to trees as they burrow in to bark and act as general parasites in arboreal settings.

Reap the Rewards

You’ll reap the rewards in all kinds of ways by taking a non-toxic approach to pest control in your lawn or landscape. The benefits of organic insect control go on and on, keeping healthy lawns, and kid / pet-friendly play areas.