Keeping your lawn in top shape is a difficult task, especially if you aren't sure which lawn care services are necessary and which ones are not. We have narrowed the lawn care list down to 4 essential services that you'll need to achieve a healthy, vibrantly green lawn here in Arkansas. While you can always schedule other lawn care services to go above and beyond, lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, and preventative lawn insect control treatments will get your lawn on the right track!

1. Lawn Fertilization

Potassium granular lawn fertilizer held in hands in preparation for use.

Lawn fertilization is one of the most essential lawn care services to schedule for your lawn. Just like we need food to survive, so does our grass! Fertilizer contains essential nutrients that are critical for plant health. The main ones include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

  • Nitrogen - Nitrogen aids in grass growth and keeps your lawn emerald green.
  • Phosphorus - Phosphorus is great for root development.
  • Potassium - Potassium helps your grass fight off stressors like lawn diseases.

Without fertilizer, your lawn might be lacking in certain nutrients. This leads to weak, unhealthy grass that is susceptible to fungal issues, insect infestations, and more. Be sure to schedule fertilizer treatments regularly throughout the spring, summer, and fall!

Look for a lawn care company that focuses on soil health, not just grass health. This will ensure long-term results.

2. Weed Control

A specialist is spraying a dandelion weed in a lawn to remove it.

Weeds not only look messy on your lawn, but they also actively steal nutrients from your grass. So, if you apply a fertilizer treatment without weed control, you're actually feeding the weeds along with your grass! There are two types of weed control treatments: pre-emergent and post-emergent. Both are essential for complete weed elimination.

3. Aeration

Aeration holes in a very healthy lawn with green grass and trimmed short near Little Rock, AR.

Soil compaction is very common; lawn mowers and heavy foot traffic are the two biggest culprits of packing your soil tighter and tighter. With no airflow available in your soil, your roots will have a hard time receiving the nutrients they need. That's why aeration is another very important lawn care service. Aeration is the process of removing cores from your soil all throughout your lawn. In turn, this leaves passageways for resources like sunlight, water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. It's important to schedule aeration at least once per year, but twice per year is even better!

4. Preventative Insect Control

Grubs in the dirt beneath a lawn, curled up, and causing damage to a lawn in Little Rock, AR.

It can be a lot of work to provide your lawn with what it needs to thrive. Unfortunately, one insect infestation can reverse all of your progress. Insects like grubs, armyworms, and spittlebugs are very common in Arkansas and they will damage your turf extensively if they aren't taken care of. Because these lawn pests are so common in the area, it's best to schedule a preventative insect control treatment to avoid the turf damage altogether.

All you need is one preventative insect control treatment in April, and your lawn should be protected for the rest of the year!

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Our team at Natural State Horticare is dedicated to helping you achieve the lawn you've always wanted. We use a different approach than most lawn care companies; we use an "organics first" approach to give your lawn the best quality products while also looking out for our environment.

Our fertilization and weed control services are included in our Natural State Lawn Program, while our aeration and preventative lawn insect treatments are add-ons for our lawn care program customers. We proudly serve residential, commercial, and HOA properties in the Little Rock, AR area, including North Little Rock, Sherwood, and Maumelle. Call us at (501) 681-3465 to schedule our lawn care services today.