The cold winter weather is finally starting to fade away in Arkansas, and it's time to start thinking about getting your irrigation system back in working order. You may think it's a good idea to try and start your irrigation system on your own, but we've compiled a list of three reasons why you should let the pros handle your irrigation startup this spring. First, professionals will inspect your irrigation system to make ensure it's working perfectly, and if it's not, they can make any necessary repairs. Second, professionals will set up your zones and timers so your lawn gets the water exactly when and where it needs it. Third, when a professional starts up your irrigation system, they will be able to perform a backflow test at the same time to make sure your water supply is not contaminated.

1. Professionals will inspect your irrigation system to ensure it's working perfectly.

An overhead view of our irrigation specialist performing maintenance on a property in Sherwood, AR.

As the warmer weather approaches, you want to make sure your irrigation system is working so your lawn gets all the hydration it needs. When you schedule an irrigation system startup, professionals will bring your system back online and inspect your irrigation system to ensure it's working perfectly. If they notice any issues with your system, they will be able to make the necessary repairs to get it back up and running again.

Some common repairs that irrigation professionals can make include fixing broken pipes, controllers, and damaged sprinkler heads!

2. While performing a startup service, irrigation professionals will set up your zones and timers.

Each part of your lawn needs to be watered, but not every area needs the same amount of water. So, it's important to have your zones and timers specifically tailored to each area's needs. When you hire professionals to handle your irrigation startup service, they will make sure that your zones and timers are set correctly so that your irrigation system is providing water to the areas that need it, when they need it. Here are some things professionals will take into consideration when setting up your zones:

  • The amount of shade each part of your lawn receives
  • What type of soil is being watered
  • The slope of your property (or lack thereof)
  • What kind of plants are getting watered
  • The average daily temperature each area of your lawn receives

3. During the startup service, an irrigation professional can also test your backflow device.

Your backflow valve is incredibly important as it ensures that contaminated water doesn't enter your drinking supply. One of the biggest benefits of signing up for an irrigation startup service is that the professionals working on your system will be able to test your backflow valve at the same time! As professionals are bringing your irrigation system back online, they will carefully inspect your backflow valve to ensure it is operating correctly. If they spot a problem with your backflow device, they will be able to repair it right away, so you won't have to worry about your water supply becoming contaminated!

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At Natural State Horticare, we can help you safely bring your irrigation system back online this spring via our irrigation startup service! While performing this service, we will inspect your irrigation system to ensure it's functioning perfectly. And if we notice any issues, we can make the necessary repairs to get back up and running again in no time!

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