Fire Ant Control

How Organic Is This Program?
Q: What am I getting with this service?  
A: A granular product is applied to the entire property including landscaped beds etc. once per year killing any existing ant colonies within six weeks and maintaining a barrier for up to 1 year GUARANTEED. If any active colonies are spotted after six weeks of the initial application, we will come back out to treat with a more targeted product for FREE. Any colonies present at the time of the initial application with also receive the more targeted formula to ensure the successful irradiation of the unwanted pests. 
Q: Is there an Organic option? 
A: Many “organic” products claim to control fire ants, but it has been our experience that there is nothing on the market currently that provides adequate control. Organic ant control products tend to contact kill only and almost never reach the queen, who can be up to 6 feet underground. There are viable natural products on the market for homeowners, but they are not sufficient enough for commercial use. 
Q: Is the product safe? 
A: The product uses an active ingredient most pet owners are familiar with called Frontline Plus. In fact, the product uses the active ingredient at a much lower rate than the version applied directly to a pet. It may not be organic, but it is safe enough to be used directly on pets. It also only has to be applied once per year.
This program also provides a barrier against fleas and ticks for 3-4 months. 
  • Extremely Aggressive will swarm anything that disturbs their nest including children and pets
  • Millions are Stung Each Year
  • 1 Queen is Capable of Laying 1,500 Eggs per Day
  • Fire Ant Mounds Exist Even Under Sidewalks & Driveways

Q: How do I identify fire ants?

A: In areas where fire ants are commonly found, most people identify this pest by the appearance of the mound. The painful sting of the fire ant’s bite is another good indicator, but not recommended as a method of identification. Fire ants build mounds in almost any type of soil, but they prefer open sunny areas such as pastures, parks, lawns, and fields. Their mounds can grow 18 to 24 inches in height if the soil conditions are right. Often mounds are located in rotting logs and around stumps and trees. Colonies can also occur in or under buildings. The ants themselves are reddish brown and roughly 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length.

Q: Is it easier to prevent fire ants or eliminate them after colonization?

A: It is typically easier to prevent fire ant colonization than it is to eliminate existing colonies after they have infested an area.

Q: Are fire ant stings lethal?

A: While their bites are painful to everyone, only a small percentage of people are allergic. Much like a bee sting, a fire ant sting can be severe, even lethal.

Q: What should I do if I get bitten by a fire ant?

A: Treat the stings as you would other insect stings or bites using an over-the-counter product. Keep the wound clean and intact to prevent infections.

Q: What if I have an allergic reaction to the sting?

A: Excessive swelling, itching or redness at the site of the sting, or other symptoms like shortness of breath, thickening of the tongue, or profuse sweating are all symptoms of a severe allergic reaction. Seek professional medical attention immediately!