At Natural State Horticare we are committed to making every landscape we manage as organic and sustainable as possible. This does not mean holding unrealistic standards of purity even though we strive to achieve those standards. It means utilizing every tool at our disposal to come as close to 100% organic and sustainable as possible while not compromising results.
Irrigation is a large part of landscape sustainability and a crucial part of achieving beautiful results. There are many ways to mismanaged irrigation: overwatering, under watering, short shallow watering, excessive overspray, improper coverage etc. Understanding how to properly utilize irrigation means knowing the balance between wasteful and healthy. It is our goal to help you get the most our of your landscape.
  • Deep and Infrequent

    The best way to irrigate is to imitate nature.

  • Early Morning

    It is best to water just before sunrise. This allows water to soak in before being evaporated by the sun while not allowing water to sit on plant foliage.

  • Annual Checkups

    A lot can happen over the corse of a year, heads break, timers malfunction etc.