Weed Rescue Treatment


What are "Rescue Treatments?"

“Rescue Treatments” are a pair of treatments done 14-20 days apart designed to rid the lawn of weeds quickly. Depending on the types of weeds present and the severity of the weed infestation a third application may be necessary.

**Purple Nutsedge** is the most difficult of all weeds to control. Studies have shown in cases of severe infestation that complete eradication can take up to 3 years. Click here to see PDF, reference is highlighted on Pg. 4 

When are "Rescue Treatments” necessary? 

A "Rescue Treatment" is the last resort but may be necessary to quickly reset a lawn and resume regular organic-focused management as soon as possible. A “Rescue Treatment" is needed when the amount of weeds exceeds the amount of herbicide allotted in the program. This is normally the case when there has been an extended lapse in weed control service or in lawns that have never had service. In rare cases, the previous service provider leaves us with a “mess” to clean up that can also require a “rescue."

What do "Rescue Treatments” cost? 

The price is determined the same way your standard lawn treatments are, by a combination of lawn square footage and product expense. Typically “Rescues Treatments” are slightly more expensive than normal lawn treatments due to several factors including the use of highly specialized products designed to kill even the toughest weeds like nutgrass and dallisgrass.