Weed Rescue Treatment


A “Rescue” is needed when the lawn is beyond our ability to control weed pressure using backpacks. A total rescue treatment is a last resort but may be necessary to quickly reset a lawn allowing us to resume regular organic management as soon as possible. In most cases, this is when the lawn is 50% weeds or greater.Depending on the severity of the weed infestation and the time of year at which the treatment is done it can take multiple applications and take up to 3 weeks for weeds to fully die off. This weed control measure is intended to kill almost every weed, but there are a few exceptions such as Dallisgrass and Nutgrass. If it is determined that a rescue treatment is needed it will be done in addition to your regular program meaning a six treatment program becomes a seven treatment program etc.

Weeds such as Dallisgrass and Nutgrass are tough to eradicate and often require an additional “Specialty Weed Control” application. These specialty weeds are controlled in the regular program up to a certain extent making the need for a “Specialty Weed Control” treatment rare. If your lawn is badly infested with specialty weeds, it is necessary to add a “Specialty Weed Control” treatment to your program. See next tab for more details on “Specialty Weed Control”: