Turf Pest Prevention


Application Lasts All Season

Covers All Turf Damaging Pests

Pollinator & Earthworm Safe

Q: What am I getting with this service?  
A: A single application in April prevents all turf damaging insects for an entire season. You can rest assured your lawn is protected against Grubs, Armyworms, Billbugs, Spittlebugs & Chinch Bugs.
Q: Is this product safe? 
A: Yes, this product is registered by the EPA under its Reduced Risk Program. This product has no known adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms including earthworms and honeybees.
Additionally, this product does not have a signal word on its label because of the results of required acute toxicity studies conducted on the formulation. In other words, this product is as safe as it gets without being fully organic. 
Product Lable Signal Words in order form most safe to most dangerous:
  1. No Signal Word - The product used in this program.
  2. Caution - Products like Cascade, Comet, Lemon Pledge, and Tide all carry this Signal Word.
  3. Warning
  4. Danger
  5. Danger Poison