Tree and Shrub Program


Treatments Annually

Pest & Disease Control Included As Needed

Optional Deep Root Injections for Trees

At Natural State Horticare, we understand the importance of proper tree and shrub care. Landscaping is often the single most substantial outdoor investment a homeowner can make, and mature trees are often irreplaceable. In addition to protecting your investment, our tree and shrub program will boost curb appeal by enhancing the natural qualities of your annuals, perennials, and evergreens.  

    1. Overall Plant Health - A state of true health can only be achieved when plants are fed the proper nutrients through both foliar and root absorption. Your plants will become naturally more resistant to all environmental stresses such as drought, pest, and disease.
    2. Naturally Enhanced Blooms - Instead of merely feeding flowering plants with short-lived, water-soluble nutrients once or twice per year we feed plants in a more balanced natural way. On our tree and shrub care program, you can expect extended bloom time, deeper more vibrant colors, and increased bloom density.
    3. Deeper Green - This benefit is hard to quantify and may not seem like an important point, but those on our tree and shrub program know, you can see the health of a plant by the rich color and turgid nature of its foliage.
    4. Disease & Pest Control - We live in what is known as a "Transitional Zone." This means our lawns and landscapes are susceptible to a wider range of both warm and cold climate pest/disease. It is, for this reason, most of our competitors offer tree and shrub programs consisting almost exclusively of synthetic pest/disease control. We understand the reasoning but disagree with the method. To keep chemicals to a minimum and our pollinators safe, we use a separate tank for pest/disease control taking the "as needed" approach at the first sign of an issue. Our method, along with using only the best products, allow us to manage pest/disease more effectively without the excessive use of chemicals and danger to the environment.
    5. Professional Monitoring - During each of the 5 treatments your plants will be monitored by a trained professional. The tree and shrub technicians are specially trained to understand each plant, its specific needs, and to what issues that particular plant is prone. In most cases, once a pest/disease is identified the technician will treat with the appropriate products and make a note for future monitoring. If an issue outside of our control, such as a broken irrigation nozzle, is identified you will be promptly notified via email along with recommendations/referrals.