Premium Tree and Shrub Care

how organic is this progarm?

Ornamental trees and shrubs are susceptible to many diseases and insects. Our “Premium Ornamental Tree & Shrub” program consists of 5 treatments annually to protect against these issues while remaining 100% organic. This program is for those serious about having award-winning landscape quality. 

You may be familiar with other tree & shrub care programs that only treat plants when they show signs of pest/fungal damage. We take the opposite approach by treating every plant every visit. Treating only when an issue arises is problematic for several reasons: 1) It requires large amounts of potent chemicals to solve a problem once it occurs as opposed to a preventative method. 2) This method relies solely on technicians to remain very focused and vigilant visit after visit, year after year to catch pest/disease in their early stages. This approach is not realistic even for the best techs. 3) Often the pest/disease are not noticed until it has advanced far enough to cause obvious distress to the plant and by that time the damage has been done. It can take years to fully recover even if the problem is addressed once noticed. 

At Natural State Horticare we utilize a three-pronged approach to tree and shrub care. 

  1. During each visit, every plant is inspected and treated with the appropriate organic products to prevent pest/fungus from establishing a presence. By treating every plant every visit we able to use far less chemical intervention. This approach also means your landscape stays looking it’s best at all times. 
  2. We use organic products that boost the plant’s natural immune system and encourage vigorous root growth. Your plants will not grow faster, but they will maintain a more consistent and more vibrant color. Flowering plants will bloom more with brighter colors, and the evergreen foliage stays deep green. 
  3. If a pest/disease does happen to persist despite organic our measures, we notify the client of his/her options and upon approval will take the necessary steps to ensure the pest/disease is dealt with responsibly and effectively. 

We also offer an optional add-on to our Tree & Shrub care programs called Deep Root Injection. The benefits of direct root fertilization come from having the nutrients placed precisely where the plant needs them, in the root “uptake zone,” and because it is applied under pressure, it helps alleviate soil compaction. Roots need room to grow, and this frees them up to do so.