Ornamental Bed Weed Control


The Ornamental Bed Weed Control Program is a 5 treatment program designed to keep grasses and weeds from taking over your mulched areas. While there is no way to eliminate 100% of the weeds in your landscaping, this program will drastically reduce the need for hand weeding.

3 Key Features of the Landscaping Weed Control Program?

  1. Specialty Pre-Emergent - The foundation of this program is the 3 specialty pre-emergent applications. This is not the same pre-emergent used in your lawn. Instead, we choose a combination of two different pre-emergent products explicitly designed for landscaped areas. This is an important distinction because perennials and annuals have different root systems and growth habits than turf grass and therefore need to be handled differently. Also, these particular products prevent a wide range of weeds.
  2. Edge Sprays - We put a lot of effort into growing the healthiest, most vigorous grass in our lawn programs but healthy grass is naturally opportunistic and wants to spread wherever it can, including into mulched beds. This is especially problematic for bermudagrass lawns. The Landscaping Weed Control Program includes a spray along the edges of your landscaping to stop the spread in its tracks. The product used for "edge spray" is specially selected to kill only the grass in the areas sprayed and won't bleed out into the lawn or harm your landscaping plants.
  3. Selective Spot Spray Weed Control - This is a nuanced approach to ridding the beds of existing weeds included during all 3 visits. To protect your landscape plants, we have a strict "barrier" policy that dictates no spraying of any weeds will be done within a certain radius of established plants. Ultimately, this is a judgment call of the technician on your property but all employees are carefully trained on spray technique and strongly encouraged to err on the side of caution.