Premium Organic Plus

How Organic is this Progarm

The PREMIUM ORGANIC PLUS program is one of our two premium services. This program is a 9 treatment system that prioritizes RESULTS while remaining over 55% organic. This program utilizes a combination of the most modern organic fertilizers and chemical weed control products available in an attempt to minimize chemical inputs while providing healthy soil and a virtually weed-free lawn. The Premium Organic Plus is a truly balanced approach that maximizes the benefits of both organics and synthetics delivering unmatched results. The organics improve the soil’s ability to retain nutrients and all other inputs meaning less runoff of fertilizer, more nutrient availability for the grass, more disease and pest resistance and less need for chemical intervention. The premium synthetic fertilizers and weed control products are supplemented in to bolster anything the organics may lack.
The PREMIUM ORGANIC PLUS program is designed to “spoon feed” your lawn with organically derived micronutrients and trillions of beneficial microbes alongside high tech slow release nitrogens to promote foliar growth. This program is ideal for heavy feeding grasses such as Bermudagrass. We take a highly scientific approach to maximize a healthy “Soil Food Web” providing deep green, lush turf that is healthy from root to tip.
Also, your soil PH (acidity) will be monitored three times annually to ensure optimal results. One application of lime is included in this program. This lime application is intended to maintain an ideal PH NOT correct significant PH imbalances.
**Although we do not currently offer aeration services, we highly recommend it be done at least once annually. Please call for provider recommendations.

Breakdown: 9 treatments annually / 7 fertilization applications / 2 conventional pre-emergent Spring & Fall / post-emergent spot spray as needed throughout the year / 55% Organic.

Potential Additional Services: Fungicide in the event fungal issues persist despite built-in organic management / Pesticide in the event the “Soil Food Web” is being dominated by a harmful pest despite built-in organic management / Specialty weed control applications for pre-existing infestations of difficult to control weeds such as Nutgrass & Dallisgrass OR for new clients in need of a total property reset.

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