Zero Chemical Lawn Fertilization

how organic is this program

The Organic program is exactly what it sounds like. This program is a 7 treatment system that prioritizes ORGANICS above all else. This program DOES NOT utilize any weed control products. This 100% organic approach to lawn fertilization maximizes the soils ability to retain nutrients and all other inputs; meaning less runoff of fertilizer, more nutrient availability for the grass, and more disease/pest resistance.
The 100% ORGANIC program is designed to feed your lawn with organically derived micronutrients, trillions of beneficial microbes and a small amount of nitrogen to promote foliar growth. This program is ideal for ultra thick grasses such as Zoysia & St. Augustine due to its high concentration of proven organic anti-fungal pathogens delivered at key times of the year & it’s ability to grow ultra thick stands of turf reducing the ability of weeds to germinate. We take a highly scientific approach to maximize a healthy “Soil Food Web” providing deep green, lush turf that is healthy from root to tip.
In addition, your soil PH (acidity) will be monitored and reported back to you 3 times annually to ensure optimal results. This program does include one application of lime designed to maintain proper PH. This lime application is not intended to correct a significant PH imbalance in the soil. If the PH is found to be in need of a major adjustment we will recommend additional applications be done until the soil is properly balanced. 
Although we do not currently offer aeration services we highly recommend it be done annually. Please call for provider recommendations.

Breakdown: 7 treatments annually / 7 fertilization applications / 100% Organic.

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