Organic Plus Program


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Pre-Emergent Weed Control Applications

**spot spray weed control included during each treatment**

The Organic Plus Program is the perfect balance between modern organics & conventional lawn care techniques at a competitive price point. Like all our programs, this program is customized to your grass type. This program is essentially a simplified version of the more robust "Natural State Program."

The Organic Plus Program accomplishes 3 key goals:

  1. Over 33% Savings - We designed this program to reflect our belief that Organics can be affordable.  Starting with the 9 treatment Natural State Program, we distilled it to the essential 6 treatments that now make up the Organic Plus Program. This "no-frills" approach offers an annual savings of over 33%.
  2. Makes Room for Extras - When deciding on a program from any lawn care provider one thing to keep in mind is "extras" or additional services such as fungicides, pesticides, PH adjustments, etc. These extras often mean the difference between having your dream lawn or not; no matter how much fertilizer is applied. In some cases, necessary extras can turn a 9 treatment program into as many as 13 treatments, driving up annual expense. Not every lawn is created equal, some lawns may go years without pest, disease, or PH issues but leaving room in the lawn budget for such treatments is highly recommended. Sometimes the adage is true, "less is more." 
  3. Soil Focused - Despite being the more budget conscious option the Organic Plus Program remains true to the things that make our company unique such as, soil building organics. This program does rely on some conventional extended release fertilizer, but while most stop there, this program remains committed to the development of genuinely healthy soil through the use of organics. It may seem like a small difference but developing soil changes everything. Healthy soil not only increase fertilizer uptake and the effectiveness of weed control products, but it also reduces run-off. Best of all, it has cumulative and compounding benefits that mean better results year after year. 

**Although we do not currently offer aeration services, we highly recommend it be done at least once annually. Please call for provider recommendations.