The Natural State Program


Treatments Annually


Fertilization Applications


Pre-Emergent Weed Control Applications

**spot spray weed control included during each treatment**

The Natural State Program is our flagship service. Like all our programs, this program is customized to your grass type and utilizes a combination of the most modern organic fertilizers and chemical weed control products available. This process minimizes chemical inputs and maximizes soil health achieving lush, resilient turf virtually free of weeds. 

What makes The Natural State Program unique? 9 visits per year allow us to accomplish 3 key benefits:

  1. Monthly Monitoring of your lawn during the growing season. This means catching pest/disease early before too much damage is done. Also, being on the property more allows us to spot spray weeds more often.
  2. “Spoon Feeding” your lawn with mainly organic fertilizer. This refers to a method of fertilization used by golf courses and other high-end turf managers. Instead of solely relying on high nitrogen slow release fertilizers we can feed your lawn only what it needs precisely when it needs it. Thus, avoiding the pitfalls of over or under-fertilization. 
  3. Inoculate the Soil with beneficial organic microbial life. The increased number of treatments affords us the ability to focus on soil health from the microbial level up without neglecting the other fertility needs of your lawn. A healthy and diverse microbial population is the foundation for a healthy “soil food web” much like probiotics for our gut health. The right microbes in sufficient numbers allow your lawn to defend against common pest/disease naturally.

**Although we do not currently offer aeration services, we highly recommend it be done at least once annually. Please call for provider recommendations.