Lawn Program Options

Choose from our 9 treatment "Natural State Program" or 6 treatment "Organic Plus Program." Both programs are customized to your grass type, and both offer unique benefits to suit your specific needs and expectations.

What Makes Our Programs Special

  • We will deliver unmatched value and unbeatable results. Our Premium Organic products build soil and allow your lawn to retain the nutrients applied throughout the season. Standard fertility programs don't incorporate treatments necessary to build soil health and therefore rely solely on water-soluble nutrients. Water-soluble nutrients are short-lived, and large percentages are lost to runoff and volatility. In fact, most conventional fertilizers are delivered by salt and petroleum-based carriers that actually degrade soil quality over time. Our focus on Organics builds soil health and allows your lawn to retain the inputs you pay us to deliver. Over time your soil heath accumulates, resulting in increased water retention, reduced compaction, reduced thatch, and deep root systems.
  • The safety of your family, the environment, and our technicians is woven into every aspect of Natural State Horticare, from product selection to application method, we are focused on safety. Our goal is not to demonize synthetic products but rather to minimize the risk of exposure to harmful inputs through the careful curation of products and the use of meticulous application methods. While we do use some synthetic products where necessary, we only use the safest and most advanced chemistries available. We also apply all post-emergent herbicide via a backpack spot-spray. The backpack method is extremely labor-intensive but allows us to achieve weed-free results while keeping herbicide to an absolute minimum.
  • All of our programs are customized to your grass type. Here in central Arkansas, we grow four distinct varieties of turfgrass: Bermuda, Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Centipede. We understand the unique requirements of each grass type and will customize either program to best suit the grass at your property.
  • All of our lawn specialists are professionals trained extensively to provide the highest quality of service possible. Everyone wearing the Natural State Horticare name will have a detailed understanding of turfgrass as well as common weeds, pests, and disease. Should you ever have a question during an application, the technician will respond with a professional and knowledgeable answer regarding everything from the products being applied to general lawn care advice. Should you ever stump the technician one of the owners will get back to you with the answer or solution.
  • We offer a uniquely high level of customer service. We are locally based in NLR, AR, and just the right size to provide a high degree of professionalism without being so big that you are only a number. When you call, you will greet by Jessica, who will ensure your needs and/or concerns are addressed. Should you stump her, your call will be escalated to the owners Andrew or Kyle. We are on a mission to deliver a lawn service like no other. Your lawn is our top priority, and we will always go above and beyond to ensure its proper care.