Fungal Contorl


What can Natural State Horticare do to help with my fungal issues?

Our Organic Approach
Our primary approach to fungal mitigation is to encourage a healthy soil food web or soil ecosystem. Our organic programs help to keep most pathogens in check naturally but often there is a need for synthetic intervention with fungal prone grasses such as Zoysia Grass.

Fungal Agronomics Program
Once an area has shown a high propensity for fungal outbreaks, we suggest signing up for a “fungal agronomic” program that consists of 2 preventative treatments applied once in Spring and Once in Fall. Preventative fungal control has been proven to be more effective and at lower rates than curative treatments alone. Think of these preventative treatments like pre-emergent weed control. It will drastically reduce the risk of fungus but will not eliminate all need for future treatments depending on the weather. 

In addition to the two preventative treatments the “Fungal Agronomic Program” acts as a pre-approval of targeted curative fungal treatments as needed if fungal issues should arise. These targeted applications are made during a routine treatment to keep cost down and fungus under control. You can think of these curative treatments like spot spray post-emergent weed control. 

The price of the two preventative treatments is based on your square footage, and the price of the spot spray curative treatments will be determined by the area treated. 

The Fungal Agronomic Program is most effective when done along with one of our nine treatment programs as we are there more often to catch fungal issues as they arise but we still rely on the homeowner to alert us to problems in-between visits.