Fungal Control


Spring Preventative Treatment


Fall Preventative Treatment

Pre-Approved Curative Spot Treatments As Needed

The Fungal Agronomic OR Fungal Preventative Program is our solution to fungal prone lawns. Our primary approach to fungal mitigation is built into our lawn programs through the use of active biology. However, once fungal pathogens reach a certain level, there is often a need for synthetic intervention. We recommend the prevention of fungus rather than curative methods alone because it has been proven to be more effective. The Fungal Agronomic Program is most effective when done along with The Natural State Program as we are there more often to catch fungal issues as they arise. Having said that, nobody is on the property more often than you, the homeowner. No matter the lawn program or disease management strategy we still recommend the homeowner understand what to look for and alert us to problems in-between visits.

What Types of Grasses are Most Affected? 

  • Zoysia
  • St. Augustine
  • Centipede

How Does the Program Work?

  • Preventative treatments are applied once in Spring and once in Fall. Think of these preventative treatments like pre-emergent weed control but for fungus instead of weeds. The preventative treatments will drastically reduce the risk of fungal outbreaks but does not guarantee the elimination of additional treatments. All fungicides, even the best products, have a limited window of activity. When applied correctly, it will last up to 30 days. This is often long enough to prevent the need for additional treatments depending on the weather and the severity of the issue.

  • Signing up for the Fungal Agronomic Program acts as a pre-approval of targeted curative fungal treatments as needed. In most cases, these pre-approved curative applications are targeted to specific locations, not your entire lawn. During your regularly scheduled treatments, the lawn will be continuously evaluated for fungal issues, and the curative application will be made if necessary. You can think of these curative treatments like spot spray weed control but for fungus instead of weeds.

How is the Program Priced?

  • The price of the two preventative treatments is based on your total lawn square footage the same way your lawn program is priced.
  • The price of the curative treatments will be determined by the area treated and billed during the following billing cycle.