Flea & Tick Control


Treatments Annually


Treatment Per Month April - September

Q: What am I getting with this service?  
A: During peak Flea & Tick season, between April and September, you will receive one liquid application per month. This monthly application is designed to both kill adult Fleas & Ticks and disrupt the cycle of new larvae, keeping your lawn free of pesky disease-spreading pests.
Q: Is there an Organic option? 
A: Many organic products claim to control Fleas & Ticks, but it has been our experience that there is nothing on the market currently that provides adequate control. Organic Flea & Tick control products tend to "contact kill" only and don't persist long enough to prevent the next wave of invaders. Unfortunately, even if the Organic product where to kill every adult flea and tick present at the time of the treatment, their short life cycle means the next batch could fully restore the adult population to 100% within days of an Organic treatment. There are certain things organics does exceptionally well, but at the moment no viable organic products for the control of Fleas & Ticks exists.
Q: Is the product safe? 
A: The products used in these treatments are not organic, but both products only carry the signal word "Caution." There are four signal words used to indicate the level of danger associated with any given product. Those signal words are, in order from least to most dangerous:
  1. Caution
  2. Warning
  3. Danger
  4. Danger-Poison
This program can be combined with other pest control programs to keep the number of treatments and cost to a minimum.