Organic Compost Superfood Jumpstart


The Organic Compost Superfood Jumpstart (OCSJ) is a onetime application of an OMRI certified, premium pelletized organic compost. Yes, it has a smell, that's how you know it's working. The smell is short-lived. The benefits are not.

Key Benefits:

  1. Replenishes Soil Minerals - It contains minerals not found in regular fertilizer that replenish the soil with the nutrients lost over years of feeding grass and a process known as "leaching" where nutrients are naturally washed through the soil profile and out of the root zone.
  2. Recovery of Damaged Areas and Establishment of New Sod - Areas that have suffered previous damage can be slow to fill in or even accept new sod. An Organic Compost Superfood Jumpstart will increase chances of success and speed that process up by giving the area everything it needs for a successful start/recovery in one application.
  3. Improves Soil Structure - It helps release tied up calcium, lower soil pH, and increase the soils ability to hold water. Also, the carbon-rich nature of the compost provides microbes with an ideal environment in which they will thrive.
  4. Enhances Biological Activity - The compost contains nutrient-rich carbon fertilizer that will produce a rich, deep color with long-lasting results. The rich carbohydrates provide a quick burst of energy to beneficial bacteria while multiple forms of carbon provide a sustainable food source for long-term biological activity.