The Perfect Match between The Heights and NSH

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We are offering members of the Heights community a FREE Organic SuperFood Jumpstart worth up to $115.00 if they sign up for a lawn program for the upcoming 2019 season by November 1, 2018.


The "OSFJS" is at the core of our philosophy. It is a complete nutrition source for the grass and the soil. It is an all-purpose formulated natural organic fertilizer that can be used without fear of burn or salt build up.

The "OSFJS" is a complex of formulated dry organics utilizing the most agronomically complete products available. This biological soil management fertilizer is designed to maximize the microbial activity in any soil, providing a healthy environment for plants to flourish. Healthy soil promotes a healthy plant. "OSFJS" consists of mineral-rich poultry compost from egg-laying birds that have gone through two digestion cycles. This double-digestion process results in compost with readily available nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium for the plant and carbon for soil microbes. Once the raw material has been composted, a large percentage of rock mineral is added. The final product is a combination of sustainable & readily available compost with needed minerals.


We are very thankful for the Heights community as many of you have been our biggest supporters since the conception of Natural State Horticare. Without the like-minded members of your community, we wouldn't have realized the potential for a company like ours to succeed and truly make an impact on the environment. It is you the health conscious, the farmers market shoppers, the garden enthusiast and the quality seekers that have shaped our organic approach and continue to be our most important patrons.

We have formed a bond with your neighborhood and the people who live there. As humans, we all gravitate towards "like-minded" people; we want to find a place where we belong. Thus a special place like the Heights becomes what it is today; a community bonded by high minded ideals such as quality, safety, and health. Natural State Horticare was founded on those same ideals, and we feel drawn to serve the Heights community in a special way.

The Perfect Match Promotion was created as an homage to the Heights lifestyle and as a means to contribute further to our group of "like-minded" people.

Help us make the Heights even more beautiful one property at a time and sign up before Nov. 1, 2018 to take advantage of this one time offer.

The Heights Neighborhood Garden

We created the Heights Neighborhood Garden on the corner of N. Harrison and Kavanaugh in 2012 as a way to share our love of organic gardening and to teach through hands-on experience how to grow food organically.

Kyle and Andrew (the owners of Natural State Horticare) along with Karl (the resident gardening guru) all learned the craft of organic gardening while apprenticing at Little Rock Urban Farming; a local urban farm off H St. near Fletcher Library, owned and operated by the talented Chris Hiryak.

While there we gained knowledge and a passion for growing our food and started this garden as a way to "pay forward" the gift of gardening.
Unlike most community gardens The Heights Neighborhood Garden operates in a unique way we call "guided gardening." If you want to learn more give us a call, email us or check out the garden's Facebook page.