Essential Tree and Shrub

Essential Tree and Shrub
how organic is this program?
Ornamental trees and shrubs are susceptible to a number of diseases and insects.
Our “Essential” plant health care program consists of 3 treatments annually to protect against these issues.
– Round 1 consists of a horticultural oil to smother over-wintering insects and protect against diseases.
– Round 2 is a foliar drench using a combination of organic pest and disease control products. The leaves are coated in a layer of beneficial bacteria and fungi that are inhospitable to harmful pest and diseases.
– Round 3 will be a foliar drench & deep root injection for all ornamental trees.The benefits of direct root fertilization come from having the nutrients placed exactly where the pant needs them, in the root “uptake zone,” and because it is applied under pressure it helps alleviate soil compaction. Roots need room to grow and this frees them up to do so. For Those receiving just the soil drench portion of this round you will get similar benefits from the fertilizer excluding compaction relief and the inherent benefits of nutrients not having to work there way into the root zone.
*This program is designed to provide preemptive protection from the most common insect and disease issues we encounter. Our technicians are trained to monitor your landscape and will make recommendations as necessary.
1 – Organic Insect & Disease Preventive – Foliar
2 – Organic Insect/Disease Preventative & Fertilizer – Foliar
3 – Organic Fertilizer – with Optional Deep Root Injection
*This is a preventative program. If you happen to develop a fungal or pest issue a limited amount of rescue treatment is included.