Optimized Organic Program

Optimized Organic Program
How Organic Is This Program?
The OPTIMIZED programs are truly unique to Natural State Horticare. They have been developed over years of experimentation and research to provide amazing results, PERIOD. This OPTIMIZED programs is roughly 50% organic but not for the usual reasons one uses organics such as sustainability, eco friendliness, or to avoid health risks (though for the organic products used these principles remain true). The organics in the OPTIMIZED programs are designed to facilitate and enhance the function of the conventional products used. By remaining soil focused and 50% organic we are able to make the nutrients provided by conventional products more available for plant uptake and, as a bonus, the sponge like organically developed soil drastically reduces run off.

Breakdown: 7 treatments / 3 conventional pre-emergent (Spring, Summer, Fall) / 4 fertilization applications using both available and slow release formulas (some organic, some conventional, some both) / conventional post-emergent spray as needed for spot sprays throughout the year/ 50% Organic

1. Pre-Emergent Weed Control
2. Slow Release Stabilized Fertilizer, Green-Up Enhancer & Pre-Emergent Weed Control
3. Organic Root Stimulator, Organic Immune Booster
4. Organic Slow Release Granular Fertilizer
5. Liquid Organic Soil Aerator, Organic Immune Booster
6. Pre-Emergent Weed Control
7. Spot Spray Post-Emerge Weed Control – Done Throughout the Season