Essentials Program

Essentials Progarm
How Organic is this Program?
The Essentials program is not organic in any way and is designed to keep cost low while providing quality results. While you will likely not see the same results as one of our OPTIMIZED programs the turf will be thick, green, and mostly weed free. This program has the fewest number of visits and is our cheapest option per square foot.

Breakdown: 5 treatments / 2 conventional pre-emergent (Spring & Fall) / 2 fertilization applications using slow release formulas / 1 conventional post-emergent spray as needed for spot sprays throughout the year / 0% Organic

1. Pre-Emergent Weed Control
2. Slow Release Granular Fertilizer
3. Slow Release Granular Fertilizer
4. Pre-Emergent Weed Control
5. Spot Spray Post-Emerge Weed Control – Done Throughout the Season