Zero Chemical Lawn Fertilization

Zero Chemical Lawn Fertilization
How Organic is This Program?

The 100% Organic program is exactly what it sounds like. This program is a 7 treatment system that prioritizes ORGANICS above all else. This program DOES NOT utilize any weed control products. This 100% organic approach to lawn fertilization maximizes the soils ability to retain nutrients and all other inputs; meaning less run off of fertilizer, more nutrient availability for the grass, and more disease / pest resistance.
The 100% ORGANIC program is designed to “spoon feed” your lawn with organically derived micro nutrients, trillions of beneficial microbes and a small amount of nitrogen to promote foliar growth. This program is ideal for ultra thick grasses such as Zoysia & St. Augustine due to it’s high concentration of proven organic anti-fungal pathogens delivered at key times of the year & it’s ability to grow ultra thick stands of turf reducing the ability of weeds to germinate. We take a highly scientific approach to maximize a healthy “Soil Food Web” providing deep green, lush turf that is healthy from root to tip.
In addition, your soil PH (acidity) will be monitored and reported back to you 3 times annually to insure optimal results.
Although we do not currently offer aeration services we highly recommend it be done annually. Please call for provider recommendations.

Breakdown: 7 treatments annually / 7 fertilization applications / 100% Organic.

  1. Organic Soil Conditioner & Organic Anti-Fungal Inoculant 
  2. Kelp based Organic Green-Up Enhancer with an added boost of Organic Anti-Fungal Microbes & Available Nitrogen
  3. Organic Root Stimulator, Organic Immune Booster, Organic Micro Nutrients & Available Nitrogen 
  4. Highly Advanced Organic Slow Release Granular Fertilizer
  5. Organic Bio Stimulants, Organic Micro Nutrients & Slow Release Nitrogen 
  6. Organic Root Stimulator with an added boost of Organic Anti-Fungal Microbes & Available Nitrogen
  7. Organic Winter Stress Reducer & Organic Root Protectant