Essential Organic Pest Control

Contorls Ant, Flea, Tick, Mosquito & More!

Organic Pest Control
How Organic Is This Program?
Essential Organic AFT&M consists of 5 applications of Cedar Oil. Treatments are applied periodically between May and September. They are applied according to your individual property’s needs such as standing water, extensive landscaping, foliar cover, adjacent wooded areas etc. This is the recommended program for anyone serious about contorting Ants and Mosquitoes as these are the most intrusive and resilient pests.
* This program is recommended to budget conscious clients wanting to do a basic amount of pest populations control.

How It Works

  • The treatments establish a pheromone barrier around your property interrupting and impairing the insects normal behavior.
  • The treatments kill adult stage insects on contact
  • The treatments kill eggs and larvae stages.
  • 10 Treatments of 100% organic Non-Toxic Cedar Oil – applied between May and September
  • We treat around building foundations.
  • We treat dense foliar areas and any standing water.
  • We establish a 300ft barrier around the home and between wooded areas.
  • Last but not least we spray any existing or know ant hills.

Benefits of Organic Pest Control

  • Minimum Risk Pesticide, EPA
  • Immediate insect control
  • Safe for all beneficial Insects like Bees and Lady bugs
  • Safe For Children and Pets
  • Flourishing lawn and garden