Above & Beyond Fertilization

Want to take your lawn to the next level?

PH Adjustments

* Free PH Testing
* We provide you with your PH reading and recommend the proper adjustments.
* After adjustments are made we will re-test the PH levels

Why Adjust PH?

* Soil pH affects the availability of nutrients to plants and the activity of soil microorganisms.
* Lime is considered a natural soil amendment rather than a fertilizer and furnishes important plant nutrients.
* Conventional fertilization programs can act as acidifying materials and can acidify soil.

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Core Aeration

* Recommended 1-3 per season (depending on traffic)
* Prime Time = May, June, July

Why Aerate?

* Loosens compacted soil
* Increases the availability of water, oxygen and nutrients.
* Stimulates root growth
* Reduces thatch
* Increase the density of the turf.
* Reduces water runoff
* Improves drainage.
* Increases drought tolerance
* Improves its overall health.

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Fungal Treatments

* Protects Susceptible Grass Types such as Zoysia, St. Augustine, Centipede, and Hybrid Bermuda
* Spring and Fall Treatments

Why Treat for Fungus?

* Brown patch is the most damaging disease of warm-season turfgrasses in Arkansas.
* Over Fertility can cause outbreaks of brown patch.
* The disease usually develops on lawns during periods of wet, overcast weather in late spring or fall.
* If the crowns of individual plants or stolons are invaded, large areas of a lawn may be killed.

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Pest Control

*Environmentally Conscious Approach
* Organic Options Available

What bugs are Controlled?

* White Grubs
*Chinch Bugs
* Fire Ants
* Mosquitoes
* Fleas & Ticks

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Compost Topdressing

* Three options to choose from
* Great to pair with Aeration
* Fantastic addition to any program

Why Topdress?

* Quickly establishes a layer of healthy organic matter
* Quicker recovery from damage
* Controls thatch
* Reduces chance of disease
* Helps to level dips and ruts
* Improve effectiveness of all fertilization programs.
* Improve soil retention of all inputs

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